Tidy Space.
Happy Mind.

The ways clearing your space 
can improve your life.



This is a very practical and functional area, we treat it as such. Frequently, we may reassign storage areas thereby increasing the storage space. Items are stored in the area in which they are used. The pantry and other shelf areas storing food products would be set up and prioritized based on the frequency of use and shelf life of the items.



Home staging


Home Staging is a version of a makeover. Truly it is for anyone who wants or wants a fresh look to their home.


Often, we can’t see what will make a difference when we live in a space we’ve come to know in a certain light.


A new set of eyes with a few simple touches can do wonders. Of course, if the goal is transformational (cosmetically speaking) we can accommodate that as well.

The cost varies given the task,  goal, timeline and sq. footage. 


Moving In 

Moving in consists of unpacking, putting away, displaying & setting up a functional organization of how & where items are stored. Cost is based on time and service.  

Home organizing



Baths /Office 


Bathrooms are approached with a focus on storage space expiration dates. Other considerations are items stored relevant supply needs and the accessibility. Bathrooms are personal so it’s helpful to have a client on hand to assist in going through as space is identified Maximized and appropriated for re-organizing.


Home Office

Home-office is a favorite because it’s a place where several items seemingly are unrelated are gathered; everything from mail to tax returns to pictures and receipts can typically be found in this location hub. An office is a great place to really focus on Organization and Prioritizing. It’s fairly easy to get a handle on putting everything in its place and identifying it as such. Typically the time spent here reflects the number of years that have accumulated since the pile has begun to form.




The closet is perhaps the most emotional area of the reorganization declutter process. This is where items of value or significance are most often stored. Consequently, this area requires a fair amount of time to weigh and consider the client's priorities. However, if the client is ready to move forward expeditiously, the process is exciting as most often people are stunned at what they have and the ease in which they can locate it once it’s put into an a-semblance of order.



The garage is perhaps one of the largest enclosed areas in the home and therefore may attract the most clutter. This is neither good nor bad because it’s also well defined as clutter  which is commonly stored in a specific area. Therefore, the clean-up of the garage area typically is fairly matter-of-fact in the process. Here we must be certain to have enough trash bins for haul away items and enough storage area for that which needs to be re-package prioritized and stored.




Limit cooking utensils organize; most used for easy access D clutter drawers with organizers

Store items by Using cabinet next to the area in where the item is used

Small appliances/gadgets should be placed in a location that is deep wide and at the base of your cabinets

Stay away from novelty purchases that will clutter space

Dispose of carrying out containers, plastic bags, reusable bags & gift bags.

Too many water bottles or coffee to go pick Only the ones you favor to store

Old spices & herbs they lose their potency after a few years/discard 

When dieting or restricting caloric intake place healthy food items in the front of the pantry


Bathroom & Closet

Go through makeup if it’s been with you for more than a few years it’s time to toss especially if color/consistency has changed

If you're inclined to purchased trendy inexpensive clothing, make sure to give it a short shelf life

Bath Matt’s should be changed every two years or so.


Develop Good New Habits

Take out the trash as it fills

Make your bed

Keep a clean/clear counter space

Keep dishes out of the sink/sink wiped clean

Go Through your junk mail once a week

Go through business cards monthly save contact numbers to your phone or PC