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I'm Patricia Waters, An Expert in Decluttering

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  • Wardrobe Closets                            

  • Kitchens                                          

  • Home Office                                  

  • Bathrooms

  • Storage Areas

  • Garage

  • Clarity

  • Organization

  • Balance

  • Functionality

  • Use of Surface Space 

  • Save Time & $$                                          

*Kon Mari Technique        

Endorsed by NAPO as active member

As a Professional Organizer, I typically work with residential clients. My specialized niche is taking the time the client needs to prioritize that which needs to stay verses that would can be stored verses or identifying that which has served its time.

My specialty is in creating a custom closet or shelf systems; preparing for a move or reorganizing or phasing out a lost spouse.


Memory clutter (locate the single treasure keep a single item to be displayed w/honor).


To the "I might need it" clutter ask...Do the things you have contribute to the life you want?


What is your vision for your home office?

Professional organizing services covers several categories.

These are the categories I am fluent in.
•    Professional Organizer Coach
•    Spatial Organization
•    Time Management
•    Event Organizing
•    Specialized Services


  • Space Reorganizing

  • Closet & Shelf Design

  • Closet Organizing

  • Garages/Attics/Basements

  • Streamline Home Office

  • Kitchens Efficiency

  • Moving/Relocation

  • Other Rooms Declutter

  • Events

  • Estate Management

  • Garage/Estate Sale


My Services

Home Organizing

Closet Organizing

Home Staging

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Payton Hillman

Payton Hillman

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"The job turned out to be quite frankly a lot of fun. I found things I forgot I had! I actually felt guilty for all the grief the wife gave me prior to cleaning out the garage."

"Patricia is both conscientious and caring a perfect blend for a professional organizer.​"

Janet Wheeler

"The process was incredibly fast as Patricia is very efficient. She was able to tackle in two days what I’ve been putting off for 10 years. She gave me the incentive to make hard decisions. I am still amazed and it’s been two months. I’ve been able to keep things organized because we made a place for everything.​"

Leslie Holland

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